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20 Years of Faith Over Fear | The Power of Christian Testimony

By Dr. Sunny Bhaskaran | January 25, 2024

Welcome to another inspirational blog post from Simply Jesus Church in Yakima! I’d like to introduce you to a beacon of faith and strength, my daughter Elizabeth John Bhaskaran. Twenty years ago, we made the choice to give Elizabeth a chance at life against all odds. Today, we invite you to journey with us from…

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Winning Strategies in 2024 – Understanding the Times

By Dr. Sunny Bhaskaran | December 29, 2023

Welcome to Simply Jesus Church! I’m Dr. Sunny Bhaskaran, back with Brian Jones, and we’re going to focus on winning strategies. As we enter the New Year, God put it on our hearts to talk about breaking stagnation and moving into the destiny God has planned for us through having a relationship with Him. But…

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The History of Simply Jesus Church | 4 Powerful Lessons We Learned Along the Way

By Dr. Sunny Bhaskaran | November 27, 2023

Our first podcast 🎙️ – the birth of Simply Jesus Church! We tell the story of how God brought an immigrant and his family, picked from a village in India and partnered with an African American man and his family in Yakima Washington to build a multiracial, multinational community of radical believers called SIMPLY JESUS…

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Hosanna Celebration

By Dr. Sunny Bhaskaran | April 8, 2022

Listen on Soundcloud: Have you ever cried out Lord save me now. Everyone of us has gone through periods of time when our heart was so burdened that we felt only God can save me now. Hosanna in Hebrew is “Yasaana” which means “save now, oh Lord I pray”.  Your tears will be…

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Don’t Miss the Moment

By Dr. Sunny Bhaskaran | January 23, 2022

Beyond Brightness… The Webster’s dictionary defines the word SPLENDOR as “great brightness” The Bible associates great Brightness, Splendor, as the Brilliance of the Sun to our God. In the Mount of Transfiguration we see the full display of God’s splendor in Jesus Christ. Mark 9:2-3 He was transfigured before them… “The Glory” His clothes became…

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A Corporate Call to Fasting

By Dr. Sunny Bhaskaran | January 6, 2022

Every disciple is called to fast and pray. The Bible is clear about it. Now the Holy Spirit is calling us to fasting and prayer. Unfortunately many churches are filled with believers but not many disciples. What are you? A believer or a disciple? Let us take the step to become more than a believer……

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The TRAP of FAMILIARITY- Don’t fall for it

By Dr. Sunny Bhaskaran | December 30, 2021

Dear Simply Jesus family. Don’t look for new word But look for fresh Word. This is a TRAP, this is the CURSE of a CHRISTIAN… don’t fall for it… Don’t fall into this trap. This is the time of the year, I ask God for a Word for the new year, to guide my prayer,…

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Praise the Lord… Why we do what we do

By Dr. Sunny Bhaskaran | October 22, 2018

Testimony of Gary Ziegler

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He will give the desires of your heart

By Dr. Sunny Bhaskaran | October 19, 2018

Let your heart delight in Him. Take pleasure in Jesus, get excited because of Jesus

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Welcome to our Blog!

By Dr. Sunny Bhaskaran | August 23, 2018

Together we have created this amazing blog for all of our family to share what’s in their heart and all of the awesome things God has done for us on a daily basis! Look what the Lord has done! We have categorized this blog into Testimonies, Updates, Prayer Requests, and Questions. Please feel free to…

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