Pastor’s Desk

Don’t Miss the Moment

January 23, 2022

Beyond Brightness… The Webster’s dictionary defines the word SPLENDOR as “great brightness” The Bible associates great Brightness, Splendor, as the Brilliance of the Sun to our God. In the Mount of Transfiguration we see the full display of God’s splendor in Jesus Christ. Mark 9:2-3 He was transfigured before them… “The Glory” His clothes became…

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A Corporate Call to Fasting

January 6, 2022

Every disciple is called to fast and pray. The Bible is clear about it. Now the Holy Spirit is calling us to fasting and prayer. Unfortunately many churches are filled with believers but not many disciples. What are you? A believer or a disciple? Let us take the step to become more than a believer……

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The TRAP of FAMILIARITY- Don’t fall for it

December 30, 2021

Dear Simply Jesus family. Don’t look for new word But look for fresh Word. This is a TRAP, this is the CURSE of a CHRISTIAN… don’t fall for it… Don’t fall into this trap. This is the time of the year, I ask God for a Word for the new year, to guide my prayer,…

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